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Kevin M. Haller
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Artwork completed for Augusta Plein Air Art Event 2012

Noboleis Vineyards (Augusta, MO) (View location of my easel)
April 21--6am
"Vineyard, Sunrise"
Oil     12x12
Inspiration and Design:
I was participating in the sunrise paint event at Noboleis Vineyardsduring Augusta Plein Air.  Purple clouds stretched across the subtle pink and yellow sky.  The morning was calm and still, except for the love calls of a Turkey Gobbler on the far hill.  I was looking east toward the brightest part of the sky, so the forms of the landscape were obscured, but the wonderful lines of the Augusta landscape remained very visible.  I was very purposeful in how I drew them. 
Noboleis Vineyards (Augusta, MO) (View location of my easel)
April 21--8am
"Noboleis Vineyards, Spring"
Oil     12x16
Inspiration and Design:
A threatening line of storm clouds was approaching.  I had to hurry because the light would change soon.  The vines had only slight foliage, and my view of them revealed strong lines in concert with the rest of the composition.  I was drawn to this scene because the lines of the vineyard were accentuated by their dark backdrop.  My color design attempts to capture the first greens of the vineyard and the hardwood forest.  Via the lines of my composition, I generate the feel of the rolling Augusta landscape.