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Kevin M. Haller
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Custer State Park, South Dakota (View location of my easel)
September 9
"Moon Setting Over Custer State Park"
Oil     12x16
Inspiration and Design:
The Park Ranger was dipleased.  While photographing a large buffalo herd, I had allowed them to get between myself and my car.  Among other new knowledge, I learned that Park Rangers do not enjoy retrieving gored and trampled photographers.  The Ranger strongly requested that I ride with him back to my car.  Lucky for me.  From my car, I was able to follow the herd closely for the next 2 hours, and I came upon the concept for this painting.  Over a near hill, the moon was setting, and a portion of the heard was roaming over it.  From this setting moon, a painting inspiration arose.  Thank you Custer State Park Ranger, wherever you are.