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Kevin M. Haller
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Badlands, South Dakota
March 24
"Across the Badlands"
Oil     14x18
Inspiration and Design:
Hail to the American Cowboy and Quarter Horse!  This partnership is Rob Culbertson (nickname “Cowboy”) and “Buck”.  They are riding across the Badlands during the South Dakota Artist’s Ride 2011.  The event brings together Western re-enactors and artists.  My goal for this painting was to convey the ruggedness of the Old American West.  Bright Badland formations are in the distance. 

While the color of the figure, horse, and landscape are authentic, I purposefully harmonized the color range across the composition.  I added a visible line in the landscape at the rabatment of the rectangle.  We seek the geometric square shape and are comforted to find it.