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Kevin M. Haller
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Badlands, South Dakota
January 14
"Ceremonial Charge"
Oil     12x13
Inspiration and Design:
The Lakota outfitted their horses with war masks to intimidate the enemy.  I'm feeling intimidated. 

Three aspects of this scene appealed particularly to my senses: 
 - the majesty of a Lakota Indian ritual, 
 - ths speed of the attacker, 
 - the beauty of the Badlands of South Dakota. 

As always, capturing the inspiration felt was the goal for my painting.  Conveying the majesty required no edification; the mask says it all.  To depict the speed of the horse, I loosely depicted the hooves and neutralized the color and definition at the rear to emphasize distance.  I doubt that the beauty of the badlands could ever be adequately applied on a canvas, but I try. 

Borrowing from Degas, I strengthened my design by making the important lines of the painting intersect at a right-angle if extended.  Specifically, the line of the arrow intersects the prominent green thrust of vegetation in the lower-right foreground at a right-angle.