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Kevin M. Haller
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Stone Hill Winery (Hermann, MO)
May 29--8am
"View from Stone Hill Winery (Hermann, MO)"
Watercolor     10X14
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Ah, the start of a beautiful late spring day in Hermann (MO).  The sun (to my right) was starting to spread her charm over the town for the day.  It was my second day of participating in the plein air art event in Hermann, and I was feeling all tuned up.  I had attempted to paint this view without success the previous afternoon.  That painting lacked spontaneity and voice.  With this effort, I was determined to have fun, stay loose, and concern myself only with capturing the essence of the place.  What first caught my eye was the striking silouhette of the Hermann skyline (St. George's Church) against the distant, hazy blue MO landscape.  And next I was caught by the beauty of small town America.  I was surprised and gladdened to see how the overlook was filled with trees and greenery, even though I was looking across the heart of town.