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Kevin M. Haller
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Sunflower field off Country Road# 220 in Clarksville, MO
July 22--2pm
"Northern Missouri Sunflower Field"
Oil   9x12
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I was participating in a Sunflower Paint-Out in Clarksville, MO.  It was a beautiful mid-summer day in Missouri.  A cool front had moved through the day before, making it quite pleasant outdoors.  The sky was half sunny and half cloudy, with little chance of rain.  The clouds were puffy and billowy white on top, and purple-gray on the bottom.  The group of artists with whom I was painting had located a sunflower patch in the countryside.  The patch lay on top of a hill about 150 yards uphill from a country gravel road (#220).  Between the sunflowers and the road lay a stunning alfalfa patch in bloom.  The blue-violet flowers were quite fragrant.  With my tall rubber boots on for protection (from chiggers, ticks, snakes), I made my way through the knee-high grass to the rear and east of the patch, disturbing one small rabbit and one large black snake.  From my eastern vantage point, all the sunflower heads (eyes) seemed to be looking at me.  The sun was striking the sunflowers partially from the rear, making the sunflower heads appear very dark in value.  I was inspired to paint the band of bright yellow sunflower heads with the "dark faces", stretching across the landscape, growing under the beautiful Northern Missouri summer sky.