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Kevin M. Haller
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Castlewood State Park (Ballwin, MO)
December 10--8am
"Home for Christmas"
Watercolor   12x16
Inspiration and Design:
It was a brisk morning at the park.  The temperature was just below freezing.  Snow from several days earlier was still plentiful.  Only a few devoted runners, and walkers were present in the park, making this popular city park even more quiet and peaceful than normal.  The primary interest for this painting was the visitor center located at the park entrance.  The inspiration for this painting was the warmth of Christmas.  Walking through the snow that morning, I was feeling quite in the Christmas spirit.  Everything looked like Christmas to me.  As I surveyed the landscape, this beautiful old structure at the end of a snow-covered field, appeared to be a home awaiting Christmas visitors.  The subject also appealed to me from a technical perspective.  I was intrigued with the variety of edges present on the structure.  The edge of the roof snow next to the roof was a very defined edge, while the structure's edge overall was almost completely lost in the background wood.  I felt confident that if I successfully captured the edges, the painting would depict a country home at Christmastime.