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Kevin M. Haller
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Tower Grove Park Ruins (Saint Louis, MO) (View location of my easel)
August 13--11am
"Summertime in the Park (Tower Grove Park)"
Watercolor   12x16
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I was painting with the Missouri Plein Air Painters at Tower Grove Park, a favorite location for the group.  Mid-August in Missouri can bring slightly cooler summer temperatures, but not on this day as it was still very hot.  This landscape is the Ruins and Fountain Pond in the center of the park.  I have visited and painted this beautiful location often.  This area provides the backdrop for many Saint Louis wedding photographs.  For this painting, my primary objective was to capture the feel of summertime in the park.  Watching the Fountain Pond ducks is a favorite activity of park visitors in the summer.  The same three ducks have been the primary inhabitants of this pond for a long time.  The largest is white and gray.  The other two are white and brown, and brown and black.  Capturing them in their typical motions accomplished my objective perfectly.