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Kevin M. Haller
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Brunjes Farm in Washington, MO
January 7--10am
"Missouri Cows"
Oil   12x16
Inspiration and Design:
Aware of my interest in painting cows, my wife's co-worker, Susan Brunjes, invited me to paint at her father's farm near Washington MO.  I was very happy she did, because the farm is a magnificent example of a Missouri farmstead.  The day was overcast and chilly.  The drizzle of the previous evening was tapering off that morning, but a small bout of it still struck mid-morning, forcing me to paint under a bushy, young cedar tree.  As I walked to my location, the cows assumed that I was bringing food, and walked up the hill towards me and stopped at what apppeared to be their normal feeding spot.  I was fortunate that they did this, because it positioned them perfectly in the landscape.  Growing up, I walked across many cow-laden Missouri fields.  The opportunity to paint one was quite nostalgic and inspiring.  With this painting, I attempted to capture the gentle tranquility of a Missouri farm field on a damp, overcast, winter day.