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Kevin M. Haller
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Up the hill and west of the City Park in Marceline, MO
August 5--7am
"Summer Landscape Near Marceline"
Oil   6x8
Inspiration and Design: View subject
Looking east over the city park lake, I was hoping to paint a sunrise over the water.   I was at first disappointed because the cloud cover was thick, and the sun was completely obscured.   Fortunately, however, a small opening in the cloud cover occurred briefly in the east, creating a small slit for the sun to peak through.   The sun seized the opportunity and created a luminous pink/orange streak through the grayish, purple sky.   My goal for this painting was to capture the drama and beauty of this subtle sunrise.   In the remainder of the composition, I desired to depict a typical summer landscape.   I purposefuly chose not to paint the view of the landscape looking toward the lake.   Instead, I painted the landscape that I saw looking south from my vantage point.   That motif provided more depth and interest, and better captured the feel of the summer landsape.