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Kevin M. Haller
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November 22--8 am (Thanksgiving Day)
"Melon and Grapes, A Study in Orange"
Watercolor   11x14
Inspiration and Design:
In my studio, I set up a still life of my father's homegrown melon, and green grapes.  Paul Cezanne was ridiculed for his opinion that quantity of color mattered.  He was noted for saying, "A kilo of green is greener than half a kilo".  He concluded that because a canvas is smaller than nature, you must use a greener green to adequately capture the green of nature on the canvas.  To explore this Cezanne principle, I struck out to throw a plentiful amount of orange onto the canvas to best evoke the feeling of ripe cantalopes.  I used a bright, exaggerated hue for the melon, and a grayed orange for the shape around the cutting board.  For the cutting board, I chose blue, orange's complement.