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Kevin M. Haller
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Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, MO
March 24--2pm
"Spring Bloom at Shaw Nature Reserve"
Oil   6x8
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This cluster of magnolia trees was found at the Shaw Nature Reserve, down the hill and west from the Bascom house.  I visit the reserve often, especially in the spring.  I had never seen such magnificent spring color as I did on this day.  Typically, some magnolia trees fail to bloom much, but this year I saw trees blooming full in every direction.  The daffodils were especially plentiful this year as well.  The late spring created quite a show when it finally arrived.  Sunlight on the spring bloom was the inspiration for this painting.  The sunlight's affect on the magnolia trees was spectacular and presented a painting challenge that I could not resist.  Because magnolia branches are a bit wild and uneven, sunlight falling on their form creates a very interesting light-value shape.  The sunlight striking the daffodils was fascinating as it made them glow with color.