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Kevin M. Haller
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Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, MO
March 27--7pm
"Shimmering Magnolias"
Watercolor   12x16
Inspiration and Design: View subject
This magnificent magnolia tree grows beside the north entrance to the Bascom house.  This painting was based on a photograph of the tree taken on April 12, 2003.  The magnolia blossoms are white and pink color, and in sunlight they shimmer.  The blossoms are fairly large in size, 3-4 inches tall and wide.  Even though the tree is typically covered with blooms across its full heighth and width, the tree is a semi-transparent.  Small passages of background color and light can be seen behind it.  The inspiration for this painting was the shimmer of the light pink magnolia blooms in the sunlight.  My goal was to capture the shimmer as well as the transparency of the tree.