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Kevin M. Haller
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Triple Double Ewe Farm in Beaufort, MO
June 21--7am
"Farm House, Haying Season"
Oil   8x10
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Wallis W. Warren owns and operates the Triple Double Ewe farm in Beaufort, MO.  The farm has a picturesque Missouri homestead, and painting subjects abound in all directions.  Wallis is very supportive of the arts and friendly.  I asked her to let me know when the hay was going to be made, and today was the day.  My plan was to arrive at daybreak to paint a sunrise.  Unfortunately, the drive was a little too long and the night was a bit too short, so I didn't arrive until the sun was up.  I'm going to get it right on the next Summer solstice.  My artist friend, David Huth, painted with me for the day.  It was a clear morning.  The strong sun was both creating a wonderful shadow on the white farm house and illuminating the exposed portion.  Hay was cut and down everywhere in preparation for baling.  So as to gather as much winter feed as possible, farmers mow and bale every square foot of hay, including areas around the house.  My primary goal for this painting was to capture the feel of the haying season at a Missouri homestead.  To indicate early morning, I captured the shadows at their longest.  Because I was painting en plein air, I painted these shadow shapes first, as they shorten significantly over the course of a painting.  Rows of mowed hay lead the viewer into the picture plane. 
David is an accomplished painter, and he created several plein air paintings of the farm.  His painting of an elderberry bush was particularly successful, and I've included a photograph of it below.  The painting depicts an elderberry bush in the Missouri landscape very effectively.