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Kevin M. Haller
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Studio from fieldwork on July 13, 2008
November 4--7pm
"Down Soup Alley"
Oil   9x12
Inspiration and Design:
Earlier in July, I painted on location with my artist friend, Henryk Ptasiewicz.  The painting location was the Soulard area, 8th Street between Geyer Avenue and Soulard Street.  It was a beautiful, summer day.  Henryk found this outstanding subject down a secluded alley.  This is a very urban setting, so we had to paint in close proximity to deter unwanted encounters.  An area resident informed me that this alley is known as "Soup Alley".  The church, "Trinity Lutheran", has a strong outreach program.  They serve meals, often soup, to the poor out of their window to the alley.  To amplify the statement of the painting, I added a poor figure in the alley.  I wanted this painting to depict my understanding of life choices when we are in trouble.  When problems arise, do we turn to God's green pasture, or do we follow our own intuition and proceed down the alley?  In my experience, going it alone leads to a dead end.  In this painting design, the path to God is depicted as a vibrant green walkway.  Conversely, the path of men leads to dead end shapes.