The Artwork of
Kevin M. Haller
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Studio (working from photograph taken near Milstadt, IL)
May 4--6am
"Tractor Shed, Sunrise"
Oil   6x8
Inspiration and Design:
To get to my daughter's early morning volleyball tournament in Belleville, IL, I plotted a course through the backroads of Milstadt to scout for scenes to paint.  I came upon this paintable farm scene at 3232 Nollmann Rd, Millstadt, IL 62260.  It was a clear, cool morning.  The farmer owned a lively rooster who created an abundance of rural ambience.  The sun was just up, and the landscape was still quite dark.  This is a typical farm scene in the rural Midwest.  My primary goal for this painting was to convey the mystery and intrigue of peering into the dark interior of an old farm shed, especially in low light.  The contents are typically tools and devices of long ago, all well-worn but now laying forgotten and needing explanation.