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Kevin M. Haller
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Studio (working from photograph taken at the Wallis W. Warren Farm)
September 30--1pm
"Feeding the Chickens, Early Spring"
Watercolor   12x16
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My artist friend, Jan Tackas, arranged a painting day at the Triple Double Ewe farm in Beaufort, MO.  Jan is a friend of the owner, Wallis W. Warren.  The moment that I arrived, I saw that the location would provide many opportunities for painting life on the family farm in Missouri in the mid 1900s.  It was a very typical early spring day in Missouri.  The weather was overcast, and the air felt damp and cool.  The hen house was of classic design, likely right out of "Successful Farming" magazine.  I felt a strong pull to include it in a painting.  I am in the process of creating a body of work showing everyday life on the family farm in rural Missouri in the mid 1900s.  It is a dwindling lifestyle, and I feel compelled to capture it on canvas.  This piece is a part of that body of work.  My goal for this painting was to capture the feeling of doing chores on a family farm on an early spring morning in Missouri.  The primary subject is a young farm girl.  Her chore at the moment is feeding the chickens.  To better present the notion of a family farm setting, I included a young calf in the scene.  The calf is following the young girl in the barnyard, semi-bored, looking for attention and maybe food.  Wallis had her chickens penned for the day, so I created the scene almost entirely from imagination.  It's easy to create when you have good material with which to work.