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Kevin M. Haller
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Artwork (Christmas tree ornaments) completed for the 2008 Homestake Opera House Festival of Trees Auction

November 9--7pm
"Coming Home"
Oil   3x4 Christmas is the season for homecomings at train stations.  My goal for this small tree ornament painting was to depict this season.  In the composition, the weary male traveler is painted dark and colorless to convey the human response to a long, tiring journey.  Conversely, the lovely female greeter, is depicted in vivid red, conveying the uplifting warmth of family.  Wreaths adorn the station pillars to identify the time of year. 
November 11--8pm
"The Big Package Under the Tree"
Oil   3x4 In South Dakota, the biggest packages under the "Christmas Trees" are always buffaloes.  My composition depicts a lone buffalo finding overhead shelter and exposed grass under a clump of Black Hills Pines.