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Kevin M. Haller
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Tower Grove Park (View location of my easel)
August 24--9am
"Piper Palm House Reflections"
Oil   6x8
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On this Sunday, I was painting on location with several of my artist friends, Michael Anderson and Allen Kriegshauser.  The morning sky began with thin clouds and gradually became clearer.  The Tower Grove Park lily ponds are surrounded by mostly greenery, so green is the predominant color seen in the water refections.  From this vantage point, however, the Piper Palm House was behind the pond, making a good portion of the water appear red (brick).  Likewise, the lily pad planting was in the red family (crimson).  I was impressed and attracted by the warm colors that dominated this scene.  Generally, I think of lily pad scenes being abundantly cool colors (green).  I don't recall Monet ever doing one like this.  For this painting, my primary goal was to capture the warm colors of this scene, but still depict a lily pond convincingly.