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Kevin M. Haller
<< Painting Journal 2008
Studio (working from photograph taken in Poulsbo, WA)
December 27--2pm
"Port of Poulsbo, Morning"
Watercolor   17x14
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My wife, Penny, and I spent a wonderful day in Poulsbo, Washington earlier this year, August 17.  Known as "Little Norway", Poulsbo was settled in 1892 by Norwegian loggers, farmers and fishermen who likened the fjord-cut landscape to their homeland.  Penny is part-Norwegian, and Poulsbo is a close to Norway as you can get without a passport.  Our plan for the day was to arrive at sunrise, leave at dark, and just enjoy the tastes, sounds, and sights in an unhurried, thoughtful manner.  We had lefse, but unfortunately, missed out on the lutefisk.  Despite that ommission, the day is now unforgettable, and the town and scenery is just as they say, a "Little Norway". The Port of Poulsbo is always gorgeous, but under the light and calm of morning, it is absolutely stunning.  The "ERIC J" really caught my eye, and it is the centerpiece of the composition.  The boat is an older one, full of character.  It was also important to capture two aspects of the scene: the peacefulness of the port, and the pinkish morning light.