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Kevin M. Haller
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Artwork completed for Augusta Plein Air 2009

April 26--2pm
"Old Trees in a Pasture"
Oil   14x11
Inspiration and Design:
I was looking for cows (to paint) but found a tree instead.  The subject is an old sycamore tree in a mature pasture on the north side of Nahm Road in Augusta, MO.  The weather was mostly sunny.  The tree's best days are over, but with the arrival of spring, it was sprouting as best it could.  With the upper branches long since dead, the white bark of the lower trunk was struck intensely by the sunlight.  As trees age they develop more character and become magnificent subjects.  Old trees dying in the middle of a pasture particularly draw my attention.  My objective for this painting was to capture the rugged beauty of the old sycamore tree. 
Nahm Road at 90 degree turn east of Crow Creek Lane (View location of my easel)
April 26--7pm
"Sunset from Nahm Road (Augusta, MO)"
Oil   8x10
Inspiration and Design:
Vantage points for a sunset painting are plentiful from Nahm Road in Augusta.  Points of interest for a painting lay in every direction: Winding country gravel roads, large farm structures, and church steeples.  Nahm road winds across a landscape that is very characteristic of the Missouri River Valley in Augusta as well.  My primary goal for this painting was to depict the Missouri River Valley in Augusta at sunset. 
April 28--10am
"Not Quite Summer"
Oil   8x10
Inspiration and Design:
It was a misty, foggy morning.  The grays of winter were quickly giving way to the colors of spring.  The rope swing in the landscape seemed particulary tranquil without the children of summer around.  My goal for this painting was to depict a rope swing in nature at a non-busy time of year. 
Highway 94 and Schluersburg Road (View location of my easel)
April 28--2pm
"Spring Planting (Augusta, MO)"
Oil   11x14
Inspiration and Design:
I passed this parked tractor and implement several times, always wanting to paint it but never having the time.  When it was still parked there 4 days later I knew I had one last chance, and I changed my plans accordingly.  The weather was very overcast.  I later learned that this tractor belongs to Bernie Nadler of Augusta, MO.  My primary objective for this piece was to depict planting season in Missouri.  In my composition, I included strong sunlight, greens returning to the landscape, wet fields, and muddy tractor tires. 
Balducci Vineyards (View location of my easel)
April 29--7pm
"Sunset Over Balducci Vineyards"
Oil   12x16
Inspiration and Design:
I completed this piece during the Sunset Paint Event held at Balducci Vineyards.  The sunset appearing for the event was particularly weak and uninteresting.  The sky was completely overcast with only a few distinguishable clouds shapes.  A large attractive vintage barn graces the Balducci property.  The sunset for the event was particularly weak and uninteresting, and I decided instead to paint the sunset that I remembered seeing on the property several years prior.  The sloping hills of the Augusta landscape is beautiful, and I am forever trying to capture it on canvas.  In early spring the sprouting grape vines form distinct lines that showcase very well the lay of the landscape.