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Kevin M. Haller
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May 17--6pm
"Mississippi Overlook at Bee Tree Park"
Oil   12x16
Inspiration and Design:
To complete this painting, I had to return to the location on three consecutive evenings.  While the weather was consistently sunny and clear, the water level kept noticeably rising each day.  A lot of rainfall had fallen upstream.  On the final day, the red channel marker was completely submerged.  Markers such as this are present up and down the river.  They communicate the optimum path to the captains of the large river vessels, barges.  The river depth will always be at least nine feet and clear of underwater obstacles on the good side of the markers.  My viewpoint of the river was on the Missouri side, atop a tall cliff.  My goal for this painting was to convey the massive width and power of the Mississippi River.  I utilzed color and light to optimally depict the river's width.  Warm colors dominate the foreground shapes, while much cooler colors are present in the distant shapes.  The minimal amount of direct sunlight in the foreground, and the abundant sunshine striking the border trees on the distant bank creates a large value separation which also emphasizes the distance between the far and near banks.  I included the channel marker prominently in the composition as its presence adeptly states the powerful and dangerous strength of the water.  Navigational aids are mandatory.  The wake of the marker successfully conveys that the water is moving.  This is not simply a big lake.  I refrain from applying color just for color's sake.  Nor do I paint light for only it's sake.  However, I do utilize color and light often to assist in emphasizing the significance of my subject.