The Artwork of
Kevin M. Haller
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Studio (working from photo of Sander Ranch in Custer, SD)
January 18
"Hay Field Near Custer (South Dakota), Fog"
Watercolor   14x17
Inspiration and Design:
This hay field is on Sander Ranch at 12469 Willow Creek Rd Custer, SD 57730.  The morning sky was soft gray-pink.  The damp hay field was a deep golden brown.  The sun was rising behind the granite spires at the left.  Fog was resting heavily in the low areas of the field.  My primary goal for this painting was to capture the feel of a hay field in Custer, South Dakota at sunrise.  Large granite spires command attention in the landscape, and I included them as a significant shape in the composition.  The colors of the landscape were influenced by the pink light and hazy air. 
Award of Achievement
Watercolor Missouri National 2009
Exhibition Dates: April 5--- May 17, 2009
Juror of Selection: John T. Salminen NWS, AWS.DF
Juror of Awards: Marlin Rotach NWS, WHS
Excerpt from Juror of Awards’ Statement...
In the end, I had to go with those paintings that kept drawing me back.  I returned to the works that transmitted an inspiration beyond the art elements.  As I reflect on my decisions I recall the power and tour-de-force technique of Bill James, the captured quiet impression of Pat Cook, the sophisticated simplicity of Kevin Haller, the finesse and elegance of Laurin McCracken, the distillation and completeness of a special moment by Hugh Greer, the gorgeous color and exciting/nervous staccato in a Miles Batts world, and the unique composition and masterful rendering of Mark Schuler.  All of them masters and believe me, I could keep on going...