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Kevin M. Haller
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Great River Road at Clifton Terrace, IL (View location of my easel)
November 15--10am
"Duck Blind on the Mississippi"
Watercolor   9x12
Inspiration and Design:
I was painting with the Missouri Plein Air painters.  The destination was the Great River Road at Clifton Terrace, IL.  The scenery all along that road is unique and spectacular.  The road take its name from the river which it overlooks.  "Mississippi" is derived from the Ojibwe Chippewa word "misi-ziibi", meaning "Great River". The weather was extremely hazy and overcast.  Upon arriving at the painting location, I immediately noticed the duck blind way out on a mud flat.  My painting goal quickly formed to depicting the blind in its natural environment.  Chiefly, I wanted to depict the hunting structure standing in the direct path of the river, seemingly impervious to its might.  The composition includes the attibutes of the scene that I noticed which contribute to this statement.  Natural objects lay at the edge of the river's vastness (where nature has pushed them), whereas the duck blind stands near the middle on a long, low mud flat.  The landscape was a smorgasboard of grays.  The sky and water were cool, while the land masses were muddy warm hues.  I emphasized this distinction for the sake of describing the landscape.