The Artwork of
Kevin M. Haller
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May 10--2pm
"My Dad's Knowledge"
Oil   8x10
Inspiration and Design:
The primary subject of this painting is my Dad's 801 Ford Tractor.   The 801 is now an vintage tractor, produced by Ford in years 1947 through 1952.  Despite its advanced age, the tractor is a workhorse on the farm.  Behind the tractor is my Dad's "post pile".  The pile contains a large number of fence corner posts at the ready.  Many of the posts are round Slippery Elm tree trunks.  Slippery Elms ("Red Elms") make the best fences according to my Dad, even better than the well-known hardwoods, Oak and Hickory.  In the far distance is the Ozark hardwood forest, the "woods".  The day was mostly sunny, and light struck the tractor from the left and rear.  I created this painting for my Dad for Father's Day.  The painting composition is a tribute to his knowledge.  Tractors, wood piles, and sunlight are the stuff of my Dad.