The Artwork of
Kevin M. Haller
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Forest Park, Saint Louis, MO (View location of my easel)
January 4--11am
"Forest Park Sycamores, Winter"
Oil   8x10
Inspiration and Design:
I was painting with the Missouri Plein Air painters at Forest Park, one of America’s great urban public parks.  The location was near the Muny Opera Theater.  The morning was overcast, cold, and breezy.  I set up my easel beside a small stream.  Tall buildings on the park's north boundary made a great backdrop for sycamore trees on the far bank.  Trees are generally darker in value than the surrounding earthbound objects.  Sycamores, however, have near whitish bark, and they create beautiful contrast in the landscape.  My primary goal for this painting was to evoke the beauty of the sycamore trees in Forest Park in winter.  In particular, I emphasized the contrast that they provide in the landscape.  To communicate that the setting was Forest Park, I prominently included manmade structures in the distance on the park's north boundary (Lindell Blvd).  I manipulated the actual building shapes to complement and balance the composition. 
Fred and Mildred Carpenter
Annual Prize for Painting
Saint Louis Artists' Guild Exhibition: "Traditions in 2-D"
Exhibition Dates: November 15--- January 8, 2010

Traditions in 2-D is a juried exhibition that highlights the traditions explored in two dimensional works, i.e. figurative, abstract, still life, landscape and more. The work selected for Traditions in 2-D will vary in theme, process and technique but will be united within the exhibition to highlight the diversity, innovation and mastery of the two-dimensional artistic tradition.

Juror: William LaChance
Excerpt from Juror’s Statement...
In jurying this show, I was presented with an exciting range of artistic personalities, each with his or her own particular voice, each insistent on being heard.  My approach is to look - carefully - at every submission, sometimes several times, before making any selection.  There are always a few pieces that stand out -some that I find very appealing, some that I particularly dislike.  In each case I need to know why.  The answer may be the choice of colors; the composition; the quality of draftsmanship - but understanding my personal response to each piece is crucial.  Once I know 'why', the piece that I personally dislike but that successfully communicates its message is as likely to be included in the show as is the piece that I want to take home with me.  I also try to balance my analysis of the formal qualities of the artwork with an understanding of what the artist is trying to express.  I have looked carefully and critically at each of the pieces that were submitted for this show and made my selections based on my response to each work's particular voice, on my analysis and understanding of that response and on how successful the artist is at communicating his or her message.