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Kevin M. Haller
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Forest Park, Saint Louis, MO (View location of my easel)
May 24--10am
"Forest Park Water Lilies"
Oil   11x14
Inspiration and Design:
I was painting with the Missouri Plein Air Painters in Forest Park.  The group met at the natural area just north of the Steinberg outdoor skating rink.  My subject was a varied assortment of water vegetation.  Most notable were the water lilies.  I was pleased to find the water lilies in bloom as I thought they started blooming much later in the year.  The sky was overcast but there was enough light to encourage the blooms open.  The focal point for this painting is the center section of the water lilies.  I introduced the most interesting color and shapes into that area.  The placement of the blooms only approximate their actual location.  I strategically placed them to optimally move the viewer's eye around the painting.  I chose a warm gray color to depict the floating algae around the pond edge.  Making this shape warm was my best opportunity to counterbalance the abundant cool color elsewhere.  The horizontal sweep of the lilies and algae were acctentuated by depicting all other shapes vertically.  The darks moving through the middle of the lilies harmonizes the strong slant of the pond edge.