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Kevin M. Haller
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May 23--7am
"A Morning in May, Augusta"
Oil   12x16
Inspiration and Design:
The morning sky was partly cloudy.  The portion of the sky that was visible gradated from light blue/green to hazy pink at horizon.  Clouds framed the sky holes handsomely.  The cloud shapes were mostly purple, slightly darker underneath, with light highlights on top.  Some small, light-pink clouds floated alone, here and there.  Light drizzle fell now and again.  The focal point for this painting is the distant dairy farm.  High on a hill, the large farm is very visible in Augusta.  However, the primary reason for attempting this painting is to capture on canvas the sky I saw that morning.  The cloud pattern was spectacular, and the number of different colors on display was remarkable.  Additionally, I thought it essential to capture the lay of the Augusta landscape in the composition.  The rolling hills of Augusta offer the artist great potential to convey depth.  This painting view contains not just two overlapping pastures, but a third as well.