The Artwork of
Kevin M. Haller
<< Painting Journal 2009
December 29--9pm
"My Old Missouri Home, 5 am"
Watercolor   16x20
Inspiration and Design:
The subject is the old, modest home on my youth.  It was built around 1930.  The home sits near the top of a hill at the edge of the woods.  Snow covers the landscape. The time is approaching sunrise.  The waxing moon, nearly full, is positioned low in the west.  The objective of the painting was to capture the sights and happenings of my youth at 5 am on a winter morning on the farm.  The essential aspects that come to mind are the cooking stove is on high, as is the heating oil stove.  My Dad, Keith and I, are putting on our long johns ("long handles" as my Dad calls them), getting ready to clear brush from the hay fields.  My Mom is at the stove frying hog sausage.  I sure miss those days.  No Lyme Disease; no West Nile virus; no Ozone depletion;  When eating fish, the worry was about its bones, not its Mercury content.  Global Warming was not in our vocabulary.  No worries in the Great Outdoors except how to keep your feet warm all day.  I consider these times as some of the best of my life.