"/> Pheasant Looking for Cover
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Kevin M. Haller
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December 4--6pm
"Pheasant Looking for Cover"
Oil   8x10
Inspiration and Design:
This image was created for our 2009 family Christmas card.  The red and green coloring of a ringneck pheasant head is a ready-made Christmas card.  During a heavy snow storm, pheasants let the snow bury them, and they wait in this snowy home until the next sunny day.  The feat is amazing, and capturing that scenario is the objective of this painting. In my composition, the snowflakes are large, the clouds are heavy (allowing very little light to fall on the landscape), and the pheasant is lying low.  Soon he may be snowed in.  Just as God sent Jesus to us for our sakes, He also takes care of the pheasants in the field.  Despite the odds and circumstances, we can always count on God to provide.