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Kevin M. Haller
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Artwork completed for Augusta Plein Air Art Event 2010

Klondike Boat Launch (Augusta, MO) (View location of my easel)
April 29--8am
"Morning on the Missouri, Augusta"
Oil     16x20
Inspiration and Design: View subject
I came upon this river scene early morning at the Klondik Boat Launch in Augusta, MO.  Several days of wet, damp weather led to a very foggy morning.  I was drawn to this scene because of the view it provided of the fog.  Warm and cool clouds overlapped in the sky, and occasional bits of blue showed through.  My goal for this piece was to capture the emotions that I felt before the subject.  While a large variety of colors were evident, all were muted.  Likewise, the range of value was limited as well.  I depicted the most depth of forms at the painting's focal point.