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Kevin M. Haller
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January 29--8pm
"Frost on Hay Bales"
Watercolor     12x17
Inspiration and Design:
My father baled this hay in late October, and before he could move the bales to storage, a November rainy spell made the field interminably soggy.  As a result, the bales remained in place across the field with winter approaching.  On the morning of my visit, frost had formed on the bales overnight.  As each bale was struck by the morning sun, the frost on it would melt and evaporate.  This evaporation was so intense that the bales appeared to smoke.  My goal for this painting was to depict a field of frost-covered, "smoking" bales.  The sky displays warmth typical at sunrise.  I strongly stated the length of the shadows to echo the low sun angle of winter.  To draw extra attention to the jack frost on the bales, I reserved the coolest color in the composition for it.  In showcasing this cold color, it was crucial to not overdo it and say snow instead.  The green color in the foreground field dispels the idea of snow.