The Artwork of
Kevin M. Haller
<< Painting Journal 2010
Studio (working from photograph taken at
Bee Tree Park on Dec 5 2pm) (View location of my easel)
December 30--7am
"Artist Shawn Cornell Painting a Fence Line (Bee Tree Park)"
Oil     12x24
Inspiration and Design: View subject
This painting was executed in my studio but the inspiration came from plein air work.  While painting at Bee Tree Park with the Missouri Plein Air Painters several weeks before, I was moved by the color of the old red barn.  It was Christmastime, and my eyes gravitated to the large red object along with the dashes of green color in the landscape.  In particular, I noticed bright green leaves stubbornly hanging on in the face of winter along the fence line.  The bright greenish blue of the artist's head covering also was quite noticeable.  For this painting, I wanted to experiment with red and green complementary colors.  To enhance the red of the barn, I emphasized the complementary green by slanting many of the grays in the composition towards green.  My other primary goal was to depict a plein-air artist at work.  I reserved the most painterly detail for the artist subject to call primary attention to him.  The artist is Shawn Cornell.  Shawn and I have painted together in this area often, so I thought it a perfect background for a painting of him.  I found that my current painting approach simplified the execution of this painting.  I modified the shape and color of the large masses until the piece was as meaningful of my subject as possible.