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Kevin M. Haller
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Studio (working from photograph taken at the Haller Farm)
June 17--8pm
"Portrait of a Squirrel Dog, Sophie"
Oil     16x20
Inspiration and Design:View subject
Our family cherishes our squirrel dog, Sophie.  We are told that Sophie is part American Treeing Feist and part Beagle.  Whatever the mix, she is a wonderful family dog, and watching her hunt is innately entertaining.  Feists have been bred in America for many years.  In fact, Abraham Lincoln described the hunting nature of a feist in his poem, "The Bear Hunt", and George Washington mentioned the breed in his diary.  My goal was to capture Sophie's nature when hunting.  My composition depicts her eyeing the prize and brimming with excitement.  I include a creek in the composition because one of my favorite memories of Sophie occurred while the family was walking down a creek with Sophie loosely following.  Sophie kept us entertained with her grand entrances.  She wandered off continuously, and even before we realized she was gone, she would startle us by bursting through the underbrush along the creek edge to "touch base".