The Artwork of
Kevin M. Haller
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Augusta Missouri (View location of my easel)
April 30--11am
"Leftover Hay, Spring"
Oil     11x14
Inspiration and Design:
This farm scene is from Nahm Road in Augusta, Missouri.  I remain drawn to old barns since childhood.  Many fun and interesting things reside there: old farming gear, the smell of hay, farm animals within reach, and many places to climb.  When I passed the barn on this day, strong sunlight was creating a spectacular and unexpected affect.  Despite all the new spring flora to view, the light directed my attention to the color and form of the leftover hay bales lying around the barn. 

My goal for this painting was to capture the effect of leftover hay bales highlighted in the spring landscape.  As the bales are my center of interest, the strongest lines in the piece direct focus to them.  I also reserved the most intense and lively spring color for that area to further draw attention there and tell my story.  I wanted the piece to portray a Missouri farm as well, so I emphasized the tin roofs, common for Missouri barns.  The composition included two bright roofs, and I needed to add a third bright shape to balance the composition.  An imagined clump of wildflowers in the foreground provided the solution.