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Kevin M. Haller
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100 Sherman St, Silver City, SD 57702 (View location of my easel)
July 8
"Watching Over The Hills and Homes"
Oil     11x14
Inspiration and Design:View subject
This subject is the Silver City Volunteer Fire Department at 100 Sherman St in Silver City, SD 57702.  In July 2011, a plein air art event was held in Silver to benefit their Volunteer Fire Department (VFD).  I participated in the event and wanted to paint the VFD, but the trucks were parked inside their building.  I went to the home of the Fire Chief (Jeff Sugrue) to request a fire truck "still-life".  He was away, and I interrupted his wife, Jodi, who was baking pies for the event.  Within minutes, John Clark and Todd Tobin were dispatched and orchestrating the subject matter to my liking. My goal for this painting was to capture the effect of the fire department at the ready to protect.  In the composition, I purposefully highlight the following aspects of the subject matter: 
  • the charm of Silver City, South Dakota,
  • fire fighting in Silver requires far and wide travel,
  • the natural beauty of the Black Hills forests, and
  • the VFD was recently trained and equipped to protect homes too.
In gratitude for the year-round service and bravery of the department, I donated this painting to the department.